Cancellation of 60th


No doubt many of you may have been waiting for news about the status of the planned 60 th Class Reunion scheduled for Sep 18-20. As you know, the Committee was very pleased with the arrangements made and had opened registration in early February. 

Then came the unexpected arrival of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Drastic societal and economic changes ensued over the months of February through May. The Committee was challenged with following the voluminous amount of information on the causerl, effects, course, and control of a deadly virus ravaging our nation and the world. 

Obviously, the Committee faced a situation that none of us ever anticipated when we started planning last August. Our contract with Oak Brook Hills called for mid-contract partial payments prior to the event. Thus, the first date of June 18 became the date that forced us to decide on whether or not to proceed with the reunion. As of March 31st, 17 classmates had indicated attendance, and there were no new registrationsthereafter. 

The Committee met in May and decided to cancel the reunion. The paramount consideration was safety, since we are in the age group most vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19. Other factors considered were the lack of a vaccine, the unknown conditions for travel, the ability of the hotel to hold a reunion under possible restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois, and the financial disaster if attendance at the reunion was very low. We also had to approach Oak Brook Hills to negotiate that we would be released from any monetary penalty if we canceled. We are very grateful to Oak Brook Hills who fully cooperated in terminating the contract with no contractural penalty.

For those who registered to attend, the registration fee will be refunded. Room reservations made for the reunion will automatically be canceled by Oak Brook Hills, but you can contact them if you want to be reassured that the reservations were cancelled.

At this time there is insufficient information to consider the reality of scheduling a reunion in 2021. There is no way to assess presently the number of classmates who might be interested in a postponed reunion. Such an assessment cannot be done until later this year. A decision to proceed would make the timeline shorter for making arrangements in the Fall of 2021. Manning a Reunion Committee may present a challenge as well.

Your Reunion Committee is very disappointed to have to inform you of this regrettable, but understandable outcome. We were all looking forward to a great time celebrating together once again. 

We do want everyone to know that the website will be retained as is for the next three years ensuring that this valuable line of communication remains available to all of us. I would like to thank the Reunion Committee for all their efforts and remarkable dedication during a very trying period. The Committee also wants to thank Bob Swanson and Lee Daniels for their assistance on website matters and legal issues, respectively.

Fred Falkner, Chair Reunion Committee

Members: Julie Collins Ackerman, Nancy Campbell Madda, Dennis Peterson, Bonnie Agnes Zanger