Barbara Jean Mowchan Middleton

Profile Updated: October 30, 2010
Barbara Jean Mowchan
Residing In: Boulder, CO USA
Children: Jason bn 1968
Occupation/Career: Clinical Social Worker
Barbara Jean Mowchan


Yes! Attending Reunion
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Barb (Mooch)

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Tyler,14,;Jen, 11; Emma 4 1/2

Favorite High School Memory:

walking down the the hall with Fred, Jobin, Brady when someone said something about the conversation being just for "guys and Fred saying," Mooch is one of the guys". It was a dubious memory and a dubious "honor".
I am sure I'll think of something more favorite as time goes on.

What have you done since leaving high school?

After HS and college I taught kindergarten and first grade, worked as a program director for the YWCA and became a Legal Assistant. I worked for Dallas Legal Services in their desegregation case and class action relative to the decentralization of mental hospitals. Later, I received my MSSW, have practiced all kinds of Social Work ,as well as private practice, just left working in healthcare with folks with dementia and disabilities. I was a member of the NASW States board of Directors in both Texas and Colorado. I have lived in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and now CO. , near my son's family.
When I moved to Boulder,CO. in 2000 after my divorce, I worked opening a health club at 5am 3 days a week, again worked at the YWCA, was a nanny for 2 yrs. for friend's adopted Korean twin girls, taught a BA Psych. course at the Buddist inspired Naropa University, taught skiing for 2 yrs. at Eldora Mt. Resort (30 min. from Bldr.) as well as being a "granny" for a boy ,from Tibet, here for 2yrs. for scoliosis surgery
I am trained as a birth Doula, assisting woman and their partners with birth as well as being Hospice trained and assisting people transitioning to death.
I had the priviledge, 11 yrs. ago, of delivering my granddaughter,Jen, in the back seat of my son's Subaru on the way to the hospital (that's another story). I served as Doula for the delivery, in the hospital, of Emma, now 4 1/2. What a privilege!
This past March I was entered into the honored Veteran Feminists of America at the Women's Museum in Dallas. Our profiles and a video will be archived at Duke University. These profiles outline our contribution to women and feminist causes over the last 30 years.
In 1995 I was an NGO delegate to the UN Conference on Women in Beijing, China, a true highlight of my career.
In 1988 I was part of the organizing committee for a global peace conference in Dallas,TX. on 8-8-88, we had nealy 1000 participant from 35 countries. On 9-9-99 I chaired a follow-up peace conference, "Rights of Passage: Healing Through Chaos into the Millenium." again 35 countires and over 300 participants. Both conferences left lasting and recurring events annually in Dallas.
I am a certfied Bioenergetic Therapist working with mind/body issues and therapeutic interventions designed to assist people to live their lives with energy and aliveness.
I have travelled to Seoul, Korea, Beijing, China, Former Soviet Union, Finland, West Africa, Brazil, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Spain,Portugal, the Yucatan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico,Hawaii most of the US and some of Canada, including the Bay of Fundy, I am one lucky gal!
My mom, Olga, is 91 and lives in her home in Dallas and is healthy and relatively mobile, my sister, Augie, is retired and traveling the US, presently visiting Mom in Dallas. My son Jason is a Criminal Defence Atty. in Denver with the CO. Public Defender's Office, my dtr.-in-law,Cindy is a Peri-natal Nurse Practictioner/Supervisor and my sister's son, Beau is an emergerncy room doctor. We're covered for medical and legal concerns!!

Current Interests:

I am a juried watermedia artist, working in paper collage, watercolor and sumi ink and am part of a studio tour this Sept.
I have a part-time therapy practice and created the Gaia Institute for Feminist Therapy and Spirituality, (G.I.F.T.S.), creating groups exploring life goals and and redefining who were are as women and men.
I am also exploring employment opportunities and interests as I recover from a hip replacement and breast cancer.
I am also enjoying grandchildren and a wonderful chocolate beagle named Clyde.
I am a member of the Boulder Psychotherapists Guild; and the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis and serve on their Board of Directors, representing North America and New Zealand,

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Things That I Haven’t Done as of 2011, But Would Still Like To Do. Record when you do them plus comments.

I'd love to go to the Galapagos Islands!

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Hi Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. I am planning to come to the reunion 2015, are you. It's hard to believe we are this old ! :) Have a great summer! My sis used to live in Norcross and I visited many times. Sorry I missed you! If you come Boulder, CO. way let me know! Mooch