Reed Martin

Profile Updated: July 24, 2010
Reed Martin
Residing In: Bloomingdale, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Judy Martin
Children: Nathan; born 1979; Natalie; born 1983
Military Service: Navy  
Yes! Attending Reunion
Did you graduate from York or Willowbrook?


Current Marital Status:



Jenna, Born 2004

Favorite High School Memory:

The grand Campus.

This was not funny at the time. But after running around the outside track to begin with before weight lifting class, I knew the gym teacher was watching me would not want to see me doing nothing. My goal for the day was to lift and press 140 pounds over my head. While attempting to do this, one student was doing sit-ups in front of me. I did get the weight over my head, but then I passed out. As the weight came crashing down with a loud thud, it flipped me over on top of the other student doing sit-ups. I came to with the student trying to get me off of of him while screaming at me to get off of him. I was in a daze trying to figure out where I was and who was yelling at me. I was so glad the student was able to get up and walk away. At the time, I weighed 195 pounds.

What have you done since leaving high school?

I was trained in the Navy to repair electronic equipment. I also picked up one year of College and a commercial pilot license. I worked for several comanies repairing equiment and one where I spent 20 years in field service. I have now spent last 14 years driving school busses. The last 8 years I have been transporting special ed students.

Current Interests:

In 1966, my mother gave me a book to read that pricked my interest in seeking spirit. I started slowly seeking through the seventies and more intense seeking in the eighties. In 1987, while working on a hand held Spectrophotometer, which I found very boring, I had the thought, "What would you like to do if it were possible, bar cost bar anything?" I thought this was just my own thought at the time. I answered, "I would like to spend the rest of my life healing others and to get them to quit killing each other because of race, creed, or color." I now know today that the thought I had back in 1987 wasn't my own question. In the fall of 1992 I said a prayer that I wouldn't put this seeking down until I found God. I have since then written a Book called "Heavenly Father My Father" which covers my amazing awakening to Spirit and the lessons that came from Spirit.

In 1994, I started working with healing energy on myself and communing with Spirit. By 2000, I went through a grand awakening from Spirit. By 2001, I started working more with others in healing. It is obvious to me that the Lord has granted to me my sincere thought I had back in 1987.

Most Memorable Experience Since High School:

I had started my quest in the fall of 1992 of coming to know God with an affirmation of "I and God are One." Of course, I didn't feel this was true. A day in December of 2000 while meditating, I heard, "I am aways with you." About each week after that day, while meditating, I heard the same words two more times. It then struck me that the afffirmation I started with in 1992 was true.

One Thing I Have Done Since High School That Would Surprise My Classmates:

I was aloof in High School.

Things That I Haven’t Done as of 2011, But Would Still Like To Do. Record when you do them plus comments.

I am doing it as stated above.

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