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Teleconference Minutes

April 19, 2015




                                                                      TELECON MINUTES

                                                                      September 21st, 2014


Telecon Minutes

July 13, 2014


 Revised Telecon Minutes

June 29, 2014


Telecon Minutes

November 3, 2013


Telecon Minutes

September 29, 2013











      Teleconference Minutes

April 19, 2015


Present:  Don Alusic, Julie Collins Ackerman, Denny Peterson, John Roeschlein, and Bob Swanson

Absent:   Lee Daniels, and Nancy Campbell Madda

I.          Minutes

a.         John Roeschlein made a motion to approve the minutes from March 15, 2015; Bob Swanson seconded the motion and everyone agreed.

II.        Registration Status

a.         Denny Peterson and Bob Swanson reported that 34 people have registered and paid for the “combo” option.  There are an additional two people who have registered but their payment is still pending.  Various sources have generously donated a total of $836 (net of approximately $815) through PayPal and by check to the York Willowbrook Class of 1960.  We currently have approximately $5, 200 net in our savings account.  Therefore, we shouldn’t have any problem covering our second guarantee installment of $3,500 due in July.

b.         Denny and Bob are working on developing an electronic balance sheet with a begin date of December 1, 2014 to track incoming and outgoing funds.  This will also serve to identify who’s paid and hasn’t paid.

c.         Clarification was given by Julie Collins Ackerman regarding the $75 deposit she paid by personal check to Payton Photography and the $35 she withdrew from our savings account, ensuring that all committee members had donated the same amount of $65.

III.       Room Reservation Status

a.         Don Alusic confirmed that there are still discounted rooms available in our block at the Hyatt Lodge for $129 plus tax with a cut-off date of May 1.  Julie and Nancy Campbell Madda met with Carly from the Hyatt Place in Lombard to see if their hotel would be a viable option as an alternative in case the Hyatt Lodge was full.  Details can be found on the Admin Forum.  To summarize, the Hyatt Place offered us 10 rooms for both Friday and Saturday nights at $109 plus tax per night that includes a complimentary breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Their proposal also offered a shuttle that would transport our classmates to and from the Hyatt Lodge.  After some discussion, Julie made a motion to use the Hyatt Place in Lombard as an alternative site in case there are no vacancies at the Hyatt Lodge.  John Roeschlein seconded the motion and everyone agreed.  Julie will sign the Hyatt Place proposal and post their registration link on the Admin Forum.

b.         Another email will be drafted and sent out to classmates as soon as possible containing the links to both the Hyatt Lodge and Hyatt Place in Lombard.  If needed, room reservations should be made IMMEDIATELY to help insure a reduced rate.

IV.       Photographer and DJ Contracts

a.         The Payton Photography contract was signed by Julie Collins Ackerman and mailed out on Friday, April 17, 2015 as requested.  The DJ contract is still being reviewed by Lee Daniels for his legal point of view on the liability question. 

V.        Thank You Notes/Confirmation Emails

a.         Denny Peterson is in the process of sending out thank you notes to everyone making a class donation, including committee members.  He will also send a confirmation email to everyone who has registered to attend our reunion and whose payment has been received.  Denny will keep track of everyone who has paid by check and Bob Swanson will receive a statement from PayPal identifying anyone paying by this option.  Follow up will be required for those who have registered but haven’t paid. 

VI.       Buffet Dinner

a.         Before finalizing our menu for our buffet dinner on Saturday night, Julie and Nancy will speak to Sigita to determine what buffet options are available to us at the quoted price.  Further discussion was tabled for the time being.

VII.     Audio Options for Friday Night

a.         There is not a sound system in the Q Room.  Not wanting to incur any addition costs to rectify this situation, it was decided to could use a boom box and Nancy Madda’s CDs from the 50s or Denny Peterson’s Bose speakers and music from his iPod as background music for our Friday night mixer.

VIII.    Approach to Informal Events

a.         Bob Swanson has already posted an Informal Events topic on the Admin Forum.

b.         John Roeschlein and Denny Peterson have offered to gather information on the Chicago architectural boat tour and post their findings on the Admin Forum for committee review.   Although there was some discussion as to whether we wanted committee involvement on informal events for our reunion weekend, it was decided to leave it up to their own discretion.

c.         Don Alusic is willing to do the preliminary investigation into the Wrigley Field option and will turn his findings over to Bill Stacey who has offered to take the lead on this event.

d.         Other events being considered are a football game between York and Willowbrook on Friday night and a tour of Elmhurst which we have given lowest priority.

IX.       Hosting Insurance

a.         Don Alusic is looking into hosting insurance but is waiting for Lee Daniels’s comments.  An addendum protecting us against liability resulting from damage to the DJ’s equipment is under consideration, but hopefully, will not be needed.

b.         John Roeschlein has spoken with five or six different reunion committee chairs, none of which took out separate insurance to cover their event.  John will post his rationale on the Admin Forum.

X.        Miscellaneous

a.         Julie reported that according to Sigita, we still have the small conference room (not centrally located) reserved as a Hospitality Suite if we choose to use it.  She did say she could try to find us a more convenient location to set up a table to greet our guests.  This will be discussed further at our next meeting.

b.         Discussion on our “guarantee” was also tabled until our next meeting.

c.         Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for either May 3 or May 17, 2015.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Collins Ackerman



                                                                      TELECON MINUTES

                                                                      September 21st, 2014

Attending:   Julie Collins Ackerman, Don Alusic, Nancy Campbell Madda, John Roeschlein,  Denny Peterson.

Absent:  Lee Daniels, Bob Swanson

I.          Minutes from August 17th teleconference:   Motion by John Roeschlein to approve, and 2n by Don Alusic.


II.        Continuing Venue Report:    Nancy reported on her conversation with Sigita Jasudas, Special Events Manager, Hyatt Lodge, on September 15th, 2014.  Two hours is allotted for dinner service, for both buffet and plated dinners.  This estimate is based on 200 guests.  It would also be possible to have a separate salad station if we chose the buffet. If a plated dinner is our choice, two or three entrees can be offered.  We would need to provide a card for each guest indicating their entrée selection.  A tasting is available for 2 committee members in January or March, if we decide to have a plated dinner.  Julie will attend her sister’s 50th reunion at H. U. later this month.  They have chosen a buffet dinner.  The class of 59 is having their 55th reunion at H. U. on October 11th.  They have chosen a plated dinner, giving 3 entrée choices.  These two events will give us more feedback. 


III.       Treasurer’s Report:  Denny Peterson:   Savings Account balance:  $362.  No monthly charge                   will be deducted.  Every committee member has contributed $25 to our account, which can                                                            be deducted from their ticket price.   


IV.       Save the Date Announcements:  Bob will post a Save the Date Announcement on our Web Site.  Target Date;  September 26th, or soon as possible 


V.        Second Survey:  John will conduct another survey asking for opinions on dinner options, and Saturday daytime activities.  We need classmates to volunteer to organize activities.


VI.       DJ and Photographer:  John and Julie:  More information will be presented at our next teleconference; cost, number of hours needed, and what they offer in their package.  This is  important since it will help determine our ticket price. 


VII.     Booklet:  Bob and Don:  Marie Wilkie was contacted, and she will consider the project.  She does feel that we will need a graphic artist.  More discussion at our next teleconference.


VIII.    Julie will send postcards from 2011 to Bob. These will have some address updates for classmates who do not have email.


IX.       Next Steps:  To determine ticket price.  Secure a DJ and Photographer.  To make a decision on dinner options.  Discuss booklet; name tags.     NEXT TELECONFERENCE:  10/26/14 



Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Campbell Madda                              





Telecon Minutes

July 13, 2014


Attending:  Julie Collins Ackerman, Don Alusic, Nancy Campbell Madda, Denny Peterson, John Roeschlein,

Bob Swanson           Absent:  Lee Daniels


I.          Denny Peterson made a motion to approve the revised minutes from our June 29, 2014 teleconference.  Nancy Campbell Madda seconded the motion and everyone agreed.           


II.        Continuing Venue Report (Hyatt Lodge/McDonalds Campus)


a.         Don Alusic is the person designated to sign our contract with the Hyatt Lodge.  Nancy Campbell Madda will continue to work with Sigita on menu options and room set-up.  If necessary other committee members may be asked to handle additional areas of concern.


III.       Hyatt Contract


a.         Don posted a link to the contract on the Admin Forum along with a list of point-by-point suggestions of recommended changes that will be sent to Sigita.   The Hyatt had our count for Friday night at 40 people while our estimation is more like 100-110 based on the results of our survey.   Nancy reported that the fee for the bartenders will be waived if we reach a cash bar total of $500.  What still needs to be clarified is the number of bartenders that will be available to us for Friday and Saturday evenings and how the fee structure applies.  The Hyatt has estimated our Saturday count at 160-200 guests but we may reach 220.  Since arm chairs will be used, 10 is the recommended number of guests per table, although a few of the tables could be set up to seat 11.  The committee discussed whether or not we should use a private room for our breakfast buffet on Sunday.  Guests would have to pre-pay for the breakfast which is estimated at $25 each.  The Hyatt estimated our count to include 50 guests.  This revenue would count towards our minimum.  Bob made a motion to forego the set menu and private room for Sunday and have anyone interested in breakfast meet in the cafeteria Denny seconded the motion, and after additional discussion, everyone agreed.  We would also like to change the clause in the contract referencing the Hyatt having the option to change our room for Saturday night at their discretion to giving us two weeks notice of a possible room change pending our approval.


b.         Although our minimum is still set at $9,000, Don is hopeful that the Hyatt will reduce that number to $7,500.  According to the contract, our second installment of $3,500 is due on May 25.  Don will ask to change this date to be July 25.  Another change we hope to make is in the number of rooms the Hyatt will offer us at the reduced rate of $129 each.  We would like 20 rooms reserved for Friday night and 30 for Saturday.  The cut off is one month before our event so this shouldn’t be a problem.  We would also like the option of using a credit card, cash, or certified check to pay for our final payment due 72 hours in advance of our Saturday event. 


c.         Don did an analysis of estimated costs that would be applied to our minimum guarantee.  If 160 people attended our Saturday night event it would generate approximately $7,800.  This included the cheese station during the cocktail hour Saturday night, tax and gratuity.  If everyone ordered one drink on Friday and Saturday nights (100 guests on Friday and 160 on Saturday) at $6 each that could generate a total of $1,560.  By foregoing the separate dining room and set buffet breakfast for 50 people on Sunday, we would be losing approximately $1,263 that would otherwise be applied to our minimum.  If we decide to eliminate the cheese station, we would fall below our minimum.


IV.       Miscellaneous Items


a.         Denny Peterson reported that we currently have $1,186 in our savings account.  In lieu of Denny traveling, Julie will withdraw $1,000 from our savings account in the form of a cashiers check and deliver the deposit along with a copy of the signed contract to the Hyatt.


b.         John Roeschlein suggested that we send out another survey to our classmates in the fall asking their opinion on whether or not we should have a dance floor and their preference for either a buffet or plated dinner for Saturday.  A “Save the Date” email should be sent out as well.


c.         The Hyatt does not allow a tasting if you opt for the buffet dinner.  They will, however, allow two people to sample a plated selection.


d.         John and Julie will contact the DJ and photographer to get an estimate of their costs.


e.         Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 17, 2014.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Collins Ackerman



Revised Telecon Minutes

June 29, 2014


Attending:  Julie Collins Ackerman, Don Alusic, Nancy Campbell Madda, John Roeschlein, Bob Swanson

Absent:  Lee Daniels, Denny Peterson


I.          John Roeschlein made a motion to approve the minutes from our June 22, 2014 teleconference.  Nancy Campbell Madda seconded the motion and everyone agreed.   


II.        Continuing Venue Report


a.         Nancy Campbell Madda reported that the main room for our Saturday night event can seat a maximum of 220 people.  If we choose not to have a dance floor, 20 tables of 10 or 11 could be set up depending on the number attending.  If we decide we do want a dance floor, 17 tables would be set up in the main room and three additional tables could be set up in the lobby right outside our room.  Some of our committee members have already volunteered to sit at the tables in the lobby if they are needed. 


b.         The venue committee, consisting of Nancy, Lee, and Jim Bolin, recommend the buffet option for dinner.  Buffet tables would be set up at one end of the lobby, allowing access from both sides.  Nancy reported that both the plated and buffet options were the same price.  The $63.21 cost per person would include the artisan cheese table available during the cocktail hour, tax and gratuity.  The cost for the cheese table alone is $10 plus tax and gratuity per person.  We may choose not to include this as an option which would lower our dinner price accordingly.  Nancy will work with Sigita, our contact person, to further explore buffet and plated dinner food options and report back to the committee.  She will also find out if we could opt for a continental breakfast instead of the brunch option in our hospitality room on Sunday. There will also be a $100 bartender fee for Friday and Saturday.  Further clarification is needed regarding the number of bartenders we’ll need for the weekend and how the fee will be allocated.  We thought we would need two bartenders for our Saturday night event but that is still open for discussion.  Other expenses would include the cost for a photographer, our booklet, name tags, and possibly a DJ.  Another option that Sigita brought up was to have hamburgers available at 11 pm at a cost of $1.50 each.


III.       Contract Items


a.         Don Alusic brought up for discussion the possibility of lowering our guaranteed number of attendees from 200 to 160.  We felt we could always increase this number if needed but not lower it.  The question of how this would change the cost of our guaranteed dollar amount is still to be determined.  Nancy made a motion that we guarantee 160 guests at the Hyatt Lodge and McDonalds University for our Saturday event the weekend of September 25, 26, 27, 2015.  John Roeschlein seconded the motion and everyone agreed. 


b.         It was determined that we didn’t have to decide on the dinner format and menu selection before moving ahead to sign the contract with the Hyatt.  We would, however, have to know the revised guaranteed cost and address the clause in the contract referencing the Hyatt having the option to change our room for Saturday night at their discretion.  Nancy confirmed that our $1,000 deposit and the revenue generated from our open bar on Friday and Saturday would be applied to our guaranteed amount.  We should also lock in the price of the dinner for Saturday night not to exceed $63.21 per person.


IV.       Miscellaneous Items


a.         The question remains as to when the Hyatt needs our $1,000 deposit.  Is it required at the same time the contract is signed?  Don confirmed with Denny Peterson that we have $1,100 in our savings account.


b.         John Roeschlein informed the committee how to ensure that they receive email notifications of any new topic or response added to the Admin Forum on our website.  Basically, it involves clicking on the forum and answering “Yes” to all the question options at the bottom of the screen.  Be sure to click on the threading option.  This process will need to be repeated whenever a new topic is added to the forum.  John also recommended that we survey our classmates to see if they would prefer a buffet or plated dinner for Saturday night and if they want a dance floor.


c.         Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 13, 2015.




Respectfully submitted,

Julie Collins Ackerman

Telecon Minutes

November 3, 2013



Attending:  Julie Collins Ackerman, Don Alusic, Lee Daniels, Nancy Campbell Madda, Denny Peterson, John Roeschlein & Bob Swanson


I.          Lee Daniels made a motion to approve the minutes from our September teleconference.  Denny Peterson seconded the motion and everyone agreed.    


II.        Interest Survey Results and Classmate Comments Regarding a 55th Year Reunion


a.         Bob Swanson reported that we received 117 responses to our Interest Survey resulting in 87 (Yes), 6 (No), and 24 (Maybe).   This breaks down to approximately 150 people saying they would be interested in attending the Saturday event.  


b.         Comments included interest in attending a Friday night mixer, York or Willowbrook football game, school tours, a possible archeological Chicago boat tour, and Sunday brunch.  John Roeschlein suggested that we might be able to get classmates to organize some of these events.  Some of our classmates who were unable to attend our 50th year reunion are looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.


III.       Decision on 55th Year Reunion


a.         John Roeschlein made a motion that we move forward in planning the York/Willowbrook 1960 55th class reunion.  Nancy Campbell Madda seconded the motion and everyone agreed.  Committee members thanked John for his initiative in getting this process started.


IV.       Additional Committee Members and Helpers


a.         Bonnie Agnes Zanger, Helen Krause, and Sheila Harmon Lewis were suggested as potential new committee members.  Marie Wilke and Lindy Hunter are willing to help in some capacity.  An email was received from Tom Jobin and he is not interested in becoming a member of the committee.


b.         Nancy Campbell Madda recommended that the ground work for the upcoming reunion should be done by the current committee members.  Additions can be made down the road.


V.        Financial Update


a.         Denny Peterson reported that we have approximately $11,000 in our savings account.  Since we no longer have a checking account, we need to make sure that any website donations made through PayPal will be deposited in our savings account.


VI.       Identify the Assignments, Action Items, and Issues to be Discussed at our Next Meeting


a.         Establish an exploratory sub group to find a venue. (Lee, Nancy and Jim Bolin).  Most venues will not confirm a date this early; Nordic Hills appears to be an exception.  General contract questions and room size availability for 150 – 200 people are two strong options to explore.


b.         Classes of 1958, 1959, and 1963 did not use reunion planners.  It would be helpful if we could access some of their contact information.


c.         Lee Daniels made a motion that we do not use a planner for the York/Willowbrook Class of 1960 55th Class Reunion.  Bob Swanson seconded the motion and everyone agreed.


d.         Bob Swanson will investigate any 3rd party options that may be available through our website to assist us with planning the reunion.


VII.     Next Meeting


a.         Our next teleconference will be held in early February, date to be determined.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Collins Ackerman

Telecon Minutes

September 29, 2013



Attending:  Julie Collins Ackerman, Don Alusic, Lee Daniels, John Roeschlein & Bob Swanson


Absent:  Denny Peterson & Nancy Campbell Madda



  1. There were no previous minutes to approve.           


II.            York-Willowbrook Class of 1960 55th High School Reunion Interest Email and Survey


  1. We reviewed the proposed email draft that John Roeschlein submitted to the Steering Committee to help us determine if there is enough interest from our classmates to hold a 55th reunion.  It was recommended that we change the proposed date for the reunion to be September 2015 and not reference a particular week.


  1. Bob Swanson developed the interest survey on our class website which will enable him to collect and analyze the results.  Once he changes the date reference, he’ll send a test email to Julie Ackerman to make sure she is able to use the embedded link to access our website to complete the survey.


  1. Lee Daniels made a motion that we send out the email to the classmates on our website at least three times before October 31, 2013.  It was seconded by Bob Swanson and everyone agreed.


  1. Additional Committee Members


  1. Lee Daniels made a motion to make John Roeschlein a member of the York-Willowbrook Class of 1960 Steering Committee.  It was seconded by Bob Swanson and everyone agreed.  According to our By-Laws, the President and three other committee members must be in attendance for the nomination and election of a new member.


  1. Currently, our Steering Committee consists of five members from York and only two from Willowbrook.  Due to other commitments, Fred Falkner will not be working on our proposed 55th class reunion.  Ideally, we would like to add at least one more person from Willowbrook.  Tom Jobin’s name was brought up as a potential candidate and either Denny Peterson or Bob Swanson will contact him regarding his interest.  We should also be thinking about other possibilities.


III           Next Meeting Proposal


Our next teleconference will be held on either Sunday, November 3rd or 10th



Respectfully submitted,

Julie Collins Ackerman